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OUPV License (Six-Pack Charter)

The charter boat captains license (six pack), properly known as Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels (OUPV), allows you to operate an uninspected passenger vessel with up to six paying passengers.

The OUPV will have an Inland or Near Coastal designation based on the bodies of water where you have obtained your sea experience. Inland will allow you to operate inside the Boundary Line with paying passengers, and Near Coastal allows you to operate up to 100 miles from shore with paying passengers.

Course includes books, instruction, exams, and assistance with the Coast Guard application process.

Eligibility Requirements:

USCG Application
Age: 18 years old
Sea Experience:
OUPV Inland - 360 days* operating a small vessel
- 90 days of the 360 must be within the last 3 years.

OUPV Near Coastal
- 360 days* operating a small vessel
- 90 days of the 360 must be upon near coastal waters beyond the Boundary Line.
- 90 days of the 360 must be within the last 3 years.
* A "day" is considered 4 to 8 hours away from the dock.

Course Attendance: 90% required

Testing: All testing is done with New England Maritime. You DO NOT test with the Coast Guard.


Upon successful completion (meeting all attendance and passing required exams), you will receive a New England Maritime Certificate of Training. This Certificate, which expires one year from date issued, must be submitted to the U.S. Coast Guard REC in Boston with your Coast Guard application to receive your Merchant Mariner Credential.

Deposit Required: $500.00

Course Dates:

September 23, 2024
7-week course (evenings via ZOOM):
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6 - 9:30 p.m.


New England Maritime offers Coast Guard-approved Masters courses in the fall, winter, and spring. In-person, proctored exams will be scheduled by appointment in Hyannis.

Per USCG MSIB 08-20, Change 5: All testing associated with this course must be completed no later than 6 months from the completion of the knowledge-based portion of the training

Location: 232 Main Street, Hyannis, MA 02601