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FCC Radio Licenses

New England Maritime is authorized by an FCC-approved Commercial Operator License Examination Manager to administer testing for FCC radio licenses. Testing costs $80 for up to two elements in one sitting and $40 for each additional element during the same sitting. Testing is offered during regular business hours by appointment. Group testing is available. New England Maritime provides testing for the following licenses/elements:

MROL                               Element One

GROL                               Element One and Three

GMDSS Operator         Element One and Seven

GMDSS Maintainer      Element One, Three, and Nine

Ship Radar                    Element Eight (must already hold GROL, GMDSS Operator or GMDSS Maintainer license)

Eligibility Requirements:
Before testing, each applicant must go to the FCC website and register for an FRN, which should be brought to New England Maritime on the day of testing. Register for the FRN here.

Additional Information:
For more information - including question pools for each element - and to schedule a date for testing, contact New England Maritime.

Deposit Required:

Course Dates:
Contact New England Maritime for details and to schedule a test.

232 Main Street, Hyannis, MA 02601